5 Amazing seasonings to spice up your Christmas dishes.

It’s not only about what flavours and tastes win over the mother-in-law, but also the benefits we gain from the tiny amounts of spice we add to almost every dish. Here are my top 5 seasonings anyone preparing a Christmas dinner should know about.

veg-seasoning-spice-christmas1 – Paprika : not only does this spice add colour but also provides a variety of thrilling sweet and spicy touches to pretty much anything – from rice to soups to meat – a versatile seasoning with plenty to give, just don’t add it first as heat kills the colour and taste, however if you make this mistake just have some more paprika as it helps fight depression and lethargy.

2 – Peri-Peri(NOT piri-piri) : the absolute best way to get rid of the weak links and never be judged for a bland meal again. With a kickstart of your taste buds not only is it mildly addictive but it speeds up your metabolism promoting weight loss(“yes even while stuffing your face”).

3 – Black Pepper : often found in grinders or already in a fine powder it is the world’s most sold spice. When was the last time you went a day without salt and pepper? It has become a staple in many households, and rightfully so. Going onto any meat or fish and mixed with a tad of lemon zest creating delicious veg selections even the children will consider eating. This malleable spice also has found to relieve small amounts of pain in the body.

4 – Garlic powder : this powerful substitute for fresh garlic cloves should be a common ingredient whether it’s a meat rub or frying up some veggies. Garlic powder maintains its colour and taste due to a high resistance to heat unlike paprika. It lowers cholesterol levels and keeps the mosquitoes away at the end of the night, or even your husband trying to cuddle during summer.

5 – Coriander : complimenting onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. Not only that but biltong would not be same without it. This delicious plant aids in healthier skin, so yes teenagers eat more biltong!

Inviting the family around can be a daunting event, however now you have all the ingredients to combat any bad situation. Feeling tired because the braai is taking too long, have some paprika. Feeling bloated but dessert hasn’t arrived yet, you need more peri-peri. Your grandparents keep asking painfully personal questions, have some black pepper. No matter the occasion these spices have your back. Good luck with the preparations and mesmerize everyone with your cooking. Merry Christmas!