Entering a new realm of the SA spice market.

Stick to your guns. Focus on what you know. Play to your strengths. All great pieces of advice, but poor suggestions for growth. The Spice Factory is soon launching what we expect to be a game changer in our local market.

Moving slightly away from our norm and testing the waters else where. Countless hours of planning, debating, gathering, and biting the bullet with all the homework and ‘school fees’ paid in full.

Challenging times and a tight economy, what else can you do but try re-invent and adapt one’s self? People need more for less, but how? Not evolving guarantees 1 thing and that’s to stay the same. In order to change we have decided to evolve and adapt according to new challenges and customer requirements. Risk is always there. And so is the opportunity to flourish. You win some, you lose some. Either way it results in, you still need to enter the race.

Generally the emotions of fear and excitement present themselves together. That is exactly where we are and there’s no turning back now. Watch the space! Lift off in T-4!