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5 Tastiest Meals for Absolute Amateurs

5 Tastiest Meals for Absolute Amateurs

5 Tastiest Meals for Absolute Amateurs.

***Note: Click on pictures to access recipes.***
Trying to impress your date, or perhaps the in-laws? Maybe you just want to cook two portions and devour them yourself. Who cares?!
The common dilemma is figuring out what to make. Next is the realisation that you are only capable of scrambling egg, boiling pasta, and relying on mommy.
Stick with me and blow your girlfriend, mother-in-law, or just yourself away. Dust off the apron and get that wooden spoon out.

First up:

1 – Starting off with some sticky BBQ Chicken. Spice it up and get your sauce on the simmer. This quick and easy recipe leaves you with a glistening piece of meat that can be tossed into a salad, onto a roll or even dice it and use toothpicks like you’re at a cocktail party. I would recommend no sharing for this one, it is that delicious.

2 – Now that we have our protein, here comes the salad. Don’t be discouraged it’s not just lettuce, tomato and feta. This fresh broccoli salad excites everyone from the die hard vegan to the patriotic Free State meat lover. This recipe has no mayo in it, however for a special South African spin add in some Nando’s Perinaise. You won’t regret it.

3 – Nacho ordinary dinner. The simplicity and scrumptiousness should definitely hook students and singles. Basic ingredients and below average kitchen skills is all you need to throw together this materpiece. Maybe skip the refried beans for the first attempt, unless you have Latino roots. In that case, ” Échame más”.

4 – Now that you’re full it is time to activate that exclusive part of the stomach reserved for dessert. Cheesecake is an all time favourite. If someone in your circle hates it, close your circle. For this delicacy you need patience as it takes time, but the process is straightforward. All you have to do is follow instructions. Women tend to make better cheesecakes due to this.

5 – Ending off on the epitome of ease. Possets. You probably have never even heard the word, let alone know how to make it. Yet only 10 minutes of work can sign the deal of best boyfriend or land you an extra 2 digits to your pants size. Either way 4 ingredients is everything necessary to impress. Exchange the raspberries for any berry of your choosing, alternatively throw in a dollop of caramel for maximum happiness and satisfaction.

These are my favourite recipes to pose as a professional chef. If you have a lot riding on this dish stick to the desserts. They are effortless and once everything is mushed with sugar you can’t go THAT wrong. Remember cooking and baking is not really about skill. The taste and perception of your dish depends largely on the story you tell before it. ”My gran’s special recipe.”, ”I learnt this in my little trip to Argentina.”, ”You know my great grandfather owned a restaurant once.”.

Go forth. Conquer the stove, ravage the fridge and indulge in arguably the best aspect to life – Food.

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