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3 Steps to Removing Decision Blocks

What causes decision blocks?

Whether it is a new invention or current design for a customer, even as simple as not knowing what you want on a menu, decisions defeat us. “Choice Overload” is a real thing. Not only does it slow our lives down but it often leaves us empty-handed.

So how do we overcome this subtle sinful menace that is choice? Well here are my 3 steps:

1. Ask friends and family. Some opinions may seem extremely out of line and useless to you, however you are building a basis of what other people think. Using this information you most likely have learnt something or at the very least thought about the decision in a new light. For example – If we were to be launching a new product but simply could not decide on a blueprint how does speaking to friends and family help us progress? As you collect opinions you build a foundation and begin to understand the most popular blueprint in the ‘general’ public’s view. Plus extra views and suggestions you might never have thought of. Ultimately supporting your way forward in decision making.

2. SSS Slow down, Simplify, and Speak. Frequently we find ourselves overthinking and getting into a tizz. Slow down and take a step back. Simplify by defining exactly what you want and rule out those that definitely don’t match your needs/wants. Then speak. Saying things aloud usually sound different than in your head, and time after time aid in making decisions.

3. Take logic out of it for a second. This may sound contradictory of my previous point but there is a good reason for it. Without emotion choosing between options would be near impossible.  So once all the thinking and debating has been completed , stop thinking, and see which one feels right. Everything makes you feel a certain way, trust in your gut to guide you to the best option.

Putting the hammer down and making big calls on projects or designs is always going to be frightening. You will never know if it will work out or if people will like it, yet you’ve got to risk it for the biscuit.

And as The Spice Factory looks to end its creative development stages and enter the final production and sales stages nerves are active, but so is faith. You will never know until you try, so don’t stay ignorant. Be fearless and don’t lose confidence in your decisions.

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