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Little Steps to Big Leaps

2020 has had more challenges than expected.

Any business owner will agree that *The C word* has taken its toll. Especially small business owners who already deal with countless problems daily. Even the big dogs have battled. With business getting tighter, and sales getting slimmer, where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

New deals and more customers is partly based on luck. However most of it is perseverance mixed with charisma. Selling yourself and your brand is obviously the goal for most. But more often now people and businesses aren’t bothered by quality, or loyalty, or even price. They just want to know what’s in it for them. Thankfully for the Spice Factory we have had some luck, and matched with our charisma and perseverance, we’ve managed to grab a great opportunity.

We are excited and pleased to say we have joined a brilliant new partner. Holding great potential for exponential growth. Into a new market place we go! Helping people consequently helps you. Business is business but a friendly human-helping-hand goes a long way.

Don’t lose hope and don’t lose focus. When it’s your time great things will take off. Often the waiting period for this is frustrating. You are probably asking yourself right now, “When is my time? How long do I have to wait?”. Hold on. Wait. And when the opportunity arises pounce on it. Sometimes we need bad times to highlight the good times. And the harder the fight or the longer the wait, the sweeter the victory. Colonel Sanders(KFC) can agree with me. May everyone have a prosperous 2021 and let other businesses grow you by you growing them.

Kind Thanks to for a snippet of businesses that have struggled and succeeded.

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