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Your 10 step guide to smooth sailing in the kitchen.

Your 10 step guide to smooth sailing in the kitchen. Are you tired of crying in front of your onions? Sick of slicing your fingers instead of the cheese? Perhaps you just want to make less of a mess when cooking… Well this article is for you. It is our pleasure to save you from yourself and these common cooking mishaps. 1. Non-Stick Dampens the Mood. When kitchen utensils and equipment do their own things it can get frustrating. For instance a chopping board or bread board. It is meant to stay in place and allow you to chop some produce. But now it is deciding to slip and slide...

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Lift Off in T-5 !

Entering a new realm of the SA spice market. Stick to your guns. Focus on what you know. Play to your strengths. All great pieces of advice, but poor suggestions for growth. The Spice Factory is soon launching what we expect to be a game changer in our local market. Moving slightly away from our norm and testing the waters else where. Countless hours of planning, debating, gathering, and biting the bullet with all the homework and ‘school fees’ paid in full. Challenging times and a tight economy, what else can you do but try re-invent and adapt one’s self? People...

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Gift Your Christmas Dinner

5 Amazing seasonings to spice up your Christmas dishes. It’s not only about what flavours and tastes win over the mother-in-law, but also the benefits we gain from the tiny amounts of spice we add to almost every dish. Here are my top 5 seasonings anyone preparing a Christmas dinner should know about.   1 – Paprika : not only does this spice add colour but also provides a variety of thrilling sweet and spicy touches to pretty much anything – from rice to soups to meat – a versatile seasoning with plenty to give, just don’t add it first as heat kills the colour...

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